Mil-Ver Metals Limited

Precision engineered aluminium based materials for every application

Thaisarco Tin Ingots for Quality Tin Products from Thermox Performance Materials GmbH


Tin Oxide, Stannous Oxide, Tin Powder, Tin-Copper Powder, Tin Chemicals, Antimony Tin Oxide

Mil-Ver aluminium alloy ingots, die-casting and foundry alloys


Aluminium Alloy Ingots, Die-Casting and Foundry Alloys

Brookside Ingots


Gunmetal, Brass, Bronze and other Copper Alloy Ingots and Master Alloys

Mil-Ver Metals Limited

Mil-Ver Metals are the UK’s foremost manufacturer of secondary aluminium alloy ingots produced from aluminium scrap feedstock, Mil-Ver Metals has been supplying the full range of die-casting and foundry alloys for over 30 years. Our customers include manufacturers of automotive components and those using alloys for high integrity castings for a wide range of industrial, engineering and commercial applications.

Substantial investment over a 5 year period places Mil-Ver at the leading edge of recycling technology. The latest processing, melting and casting facilities enables the purchase of a wide range of aluminium and non-ferrous scrap for the company’s own aluminium alloy production, to fulfil the requirements of our separate aluminium scrap trading operation. There is separate production of Aluminium Sows for remelting and also Aluminium Deox products in various sizes and shapes.

Our environmentally friendly production recovers approx 95% of the energy used to produce primary aluminium - put another way recycling of 1kg of aluminium saves over 7 Kg’s of bauxite, 4 kg of chemicals and 13 kilowatt hours of electricity!

Our Aluminium Ingot manufacturing process falls under IPPC (Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control) regulations which are strictly monitored by the Environment Agency.







Thermox Performance Materials Ltd:

Thermox Performance Materials Limited, based in the UK, is a specialist manufacturer of high performance tin oxide materials for the ceramics, automotive, electrical, glass and chemical industries.


Thaisarco is recognised Worldwide as an industry leader in the manufacture of pure tin, specialty alloys, powders and extruded products. Thaisarco specialises in solutions tailored to meet its customers’ needs.


Mil-Ver is the UK’s foremost manufacturer of secondary aluminium alloy ingots, supplying the full range of die-casting and foundry alloys for over 30 years. Uses include automotive components, high integrity castings, and other engineering applications.


Brookside is Europe's largest producer of gunmetal, brass, bronze and other copper alloy ingots. The Brookside MT brand is respected throughout the world as a sign of quality.

Keeling - Walker:

Keeling & Walker Limited is renowned across the globe as the leading supplier of tin oxide and related materials. We are the biggest manufacturer and exporter of tin oxide materials in the world.

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